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Registration Information & Pricing

The Dance Collective YXE board is currently planning registration for the 2021/2022 dance season, finalizing class schedules, and updating pricing information.

Registration will take place in the late summer of 2021 however early registration notice will be sent to the current membership in June. Join our mailing list so you don't miss any important dates!

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Genres of Dance Offered at Dance Collective YXE

All dance forms have ballet technique as their base. Students with strong ballet technique will progress more rapidly in other dance forms. We strongly encourage students who study jazz, tap, or musical theatre to include a ballet class as part of their training.

Students who wish to intensify their training in a particular dance style should take more than one class, as well as ballet, to enhance their development of technique. Students taking more than one class per week, including one of each of the different dance styles, will enjoy the technical crossover benefits.

Please be aware that students do not necessarily advance to the next level each year. Often it takes at least 2 years to learn, complete, and be proficient in the technical work of each level.

Creative Dance & Introduction to Dance






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