Welcome to Dance Collective YXE


Dance Collective was conceived within weeks of the unexpected closure of the University of Saskatchewan School of Dance in the spring of 2020.  There was an immediate swell of support from the previous schools’ parents and instructors to maintain the spirit of “everybody can dance”.  Three dedicated instructors and a group of parents were determined to ensure that the core philosophy and the diversity of programming be maintained. Under the leadership of parent volunteers, instructors who still wanted to teach, and a sizeable dancer population that was committed to the new studio, Dance Collective was created in Summer 2020.

We incorporated Dance Collective as a non-profit dance school in August 2020 and started accepting registrations and started our first year of instruction in September 2020. We are based out of the Dance Saskatchewan building at 309 Fairmont Drive in Saskatoon and rent studio space in that spacious, new building. Our commitment is to provide Saskatoon with a studio consisting of a wide variety of dance opportunities at an affordable cost. As the studio is funded by registration and membership fees, we do engage in various fundraising efforts to ensure we can continue to keep costs at an affordable rate.

Fundraising for Dance Collective YXE

We operate from funds received through registration and our membership fees. As such we are currently seeking donors or sponsors to help us continue operations. For more details on how you can help read more on our Fundraising page.

Our Team

Artistic Directors


Board of Directors

Treasurer: Karen Jinks

Members at Large: 

Krista Dennis

Renee Larre 

Maureen Hay - Carlson

Chris Downie