Board Information

2023 Annual General Meeting Notice

Our Annual General Meeting or AGM is happening August 23rd, 2023 at the dance studio located at 309 Fairmont Drive at 8:30pm. All members are invited to attend.

Dance Collective YXE Board of Directors

Treasurer: Karen Jinks

Members at Large: 

Krista Dennis

Renee Larre 

Maureen Hay - Carlson

Chris Downie

Get Involved!

We are currently looking for 2-3 Members at Large to join the board. Meetings are once a month and these roles would assist with the Fundraising and Recital Committees. All members are welcome to attend our monthly board meetings (the first Wednesday of every month). Please email for more information!

Fundraising for Dance Collective YXE

We operate from funds received through registration and our membership fees. As such we are currently seeking donors or sponsors to help us continue operations. For more details on how you can help read more on our Fundraising page.